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Metal Roofs Increase Curb Appeal and Are Energy Efficient

If you’re considering roofing options, stop to consider the benefits of a metal roof.

Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors and can look like clay tile, slate, wood, and asphalt shingles.

However, metal roofs generally cost more than shingle roofs. When you consider the long-term energy savings and durability of metal, it can often be cheaper. In some cases, we can install this metal roof over your existing roof material, cutting your project costs significantly.

Metal roofs offer a greater return on investment because they last much longer than asphalt shingles (40-year paint warranty) and reflect more sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat penetrating into your home and cuts energy costs.

The combination of these factors adds up to year-round energy savings and virtually zero maintenance costs.

Metal Roof Options for Barns and Sheds

Corrugated Metal Panels. This 28-gauge corrugated metal panel is great for barns and sheds. It comes with a 40-year paint warranty, and is fastened with neoprene sealed fasteners. This roofing material often lasts well beyond 40 years, and is a great way to cover a large roof surface economically.

Standing Seam Metal. The 26-gauge Standing Seam Snap-lock panels make a home, office, or any roof stand out with style and durability. Standing Seam is a great choice as a residential highlight or a styled office entrance. This panel has a 40-year warranty. It is common for a well-maintained standing seam roof to last over 100 years.

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