A Visual Guide to the Roofing Process

A lot of different products and processes go into reroofing your home. If you’re researching a new roof, it can be overwhelming to wrap your mind around it all.

Fortunately, GIFs exist. This short visual guide illustrates each step in the roofing process.


Safety is the first step when we show up to any location. We assess the hazards there and put on our fall protection systems to make sure we can work all day without accidents.




All the old roofing materials are torn off your roof and disposed of. Your roof deck is inspected to make sure it’s still tight and strong.



Debris is removed from the roof carefully to prevent damage to your property.




Water-resistant underlayment is rolled out as the first layer to cover your roof, and tacked down thoroughly.



Shingle Delivery

Shingles are delivered on a boom truck and unloaded directly onto your roof.




The shingles are applied using chalk lines to make sure the rows are straight and look excellent.




Flashing is metal that is used to keep transitions in your roof watertight – like where your roof meets a wall or chimney. Flashing is detailed work that makes your roof look great.




We know that protecting your property is one of our most important jobs. We clean your property thoroughly and leave your yard just like we found it.



Back To Your Normal Life

Our goal is be as unintrusive as possible, and leave no mess and no worry, so you and your family can smoothly return to your normal life…whatever that might be.



How to Start the Process

Get in touch with us to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation reroofing estimate for your home today!