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Parts of a Roof: Shingles

    So far in our PARTS OF A ROOF series, we’ve covered The Roof Deck and Underlayment and Edging. Today: the big one. The thing that comes to mind when you hear “roofing.” The visible, durable, exterior of your roof. The star of the show. Shingles.   WHAT ARE SHINGLES? Shingles are an asphalt […]

Parts of a Roof: Underlayment and Edging

In our last post we discussed your home’s roof deck. Once your roof deck is solid and ready to go, there are a few more steps before the shingles go on. WHAT IS UNDERLAYMENT? Underlayment, simply enough, is what goes under your shingles. It’s an added layer of protection. It’s moisture-resistant or moisture-proof, so it […]

Celebrating the Fulton Theater

  Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of working on some important and interesting buildings, but putting a new roof on sections of Lancaster’s historic Fulton Theater has been one of our favorite projects. It’s exciting to be able to play a small part in the story of such a valued local landmark. To […]

Parts of a Roof: The Roof Deck

  UNDERSTAND YOUR ROOF If you’re reroofing your home, all the elements to learn about can be overwhelming. There’s not only the roofing materials, there’s the underlayment, the decking under that, the flashing, and what on earth is fascia anyway? It doesn’t have to be so complicated. At Joyland, we like to take the mystery […]

Joyland Values: Service and Leadership

  At Joyland Roofing, we have a set of beliefs that guide how we run our business and how we work every day. One of those beliefs is: To lead well is to serve extraordinarily well This means a few things. GOOD LEADERS ARE SERVANTS You’ve heard it said a thousand times, but we work […]

Why Roofing?

  Here at Joyland, we believe that work should have meaning. It should be more than punching a time clock and waiting for the weekend – it should make the world a better place and make us better people. The search for an occupation with meaning has led people do to a lot of great […]

The First Decotech Solar Roof in Pennsylvania

At the beginning of the year, we announced how excited we were to become a GAF Solar Elite contractor, installing the Decotech integrated solar panel system. We’re the only Decotech installer in the state of Pennsylvania, and we just installed the first fully integrated roof solar system on a Pennsylvania family’s home. The install was […]

Is Metal Roofing Right For Me?

  Considering putting a metal roof on your home, barn, or business? Shingle roofs are still the most popular choice for sloped roofs, but we’re getting more and more questions about metal. It’s growing in popularity, and it’s definitely an excellent choice for many homes. If you’re considering metal, there are a few things to […]

All About Moss

  In our last blog post, we talked about algae. This time, let’s look at a related problem: moss. Moss is similar to algae because it affects roofs in cool, wet, shady areas. Besides that, it seems like the opposite of algae. Algae looks bad, but moss can look quaint and antique.     And […]