Is Metal Roofing Right For Me?


Considering putting a metal roof on your home, barn, or business?

Shingle roofs are still the most popular choice for sloped roofs, but we’re getting more and more questions about metal. It’s growing in popularity, and it’s definitely an excellent choice for many homes.

If you’re considering metal, there are a few things to take into consideration.




It’s no secret that most metal roofing options are quite a bit more expensive than asphalt. But they last a lot longer.

If you’re planning to live in the home for a long time, it’s a great investment. Repairs are rare and a metal roof can often outlive the building. The greater cost might be a deterrent, so if you’re considering metal, getting side-by-side quotes for traditional asphalt and for metal can be a great idea.





If you live in a high-wind area, metal roofs are an excellent choice. While shingles can blow loose in powerful storms, metal roofs are much sturdier. This is why metal roofs are an increasingly popular option on the coasts and in tornado-prone areas.

While metal roofing can be damaged by extreme hail, it’s less likely than with shingles, and metal roofing doesn’t lose its ability to withstand hail as it ages, which shingles do.

Advances in shingle technology have improved shingles’ ability to function in extreme-weather areas, and a good roofer can install shingles almost anywhere, but if you do experience high winds or hail, consider getting an estimate for a metal roof.




In areas that get a lot of sun, a metal roof can be more energy efficient. Metal roofs reflect sun, meaning less heat baking down into your living space, which means less energy to cool the home.

Besides saving money on energy in your home, metal roofs great for the environment. They reduce energy use for cooling, of course, and also cut down on the amount of asphalt that needs to be disposed or recycled each year.




We’ve encountered people that love the look of metal roofs, and people that don’t love it as much. It’s really a matter of taste. When you’re deciding between shingles and metal, consider which will go with the look of your home the best.

For some historic or zoned neighborhoods, metal is off-limits to preserve the uniformity of the homes. Besides that, a great metal job looks good almost anywhere.


Age of home



If you live in an older home, that might be another reason to consider metal. Metal is significantly lighter than other roofing options that can cause stress to the structure of an older home.

An older home doesn’t mean you need to use metal – tearing off all the previous layers of roofing and applying a quality, modern shingle is also a lightweight option – but it’s something to discuss with your contractor.




We’d love to talk to you about how metal roofing compares with the other options we offer. You can CONTACT US here, or by calling 717-340-9565.



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